About me

I’m an intuitive fitness and breath work practitioner, storyteller and public speaker and generally curious about the art and science of Breath work, Biohacking, influencing the nervous system and anything related to optimising human potential. I’m a total yogi and love anything that takes me out in nature, road cycling being my favourite.

The last few years have felt like a constant struggle, constantly chasing goals and ideals that would never be good enough. I fell victim to the idea that success meant hard work and that hard work meant you had to struggle. Essentially, I was a professional tryer and a serial people pleaser. Then I discovered something that was right under my nose the entire time (literally!) the power of the breath. Soon after I set out on my breathwork journey it became clear that the breath is the epicentre of how we experience this crazy world we live in and that how we breathe effects every single element of our lives. The more I learnt and the more I practised, the more curious I became about the science behind it all as well as ancient practises spanning back thousands of years. I stopped chasing and looked inwardly for all those answers I was searching for and what I found went beyond anything I could’ve ever imagined. It blows my mind how little of the population is aware of the profound benefits of optimal breathing and I hope to cultivate awareness through the research of scientists, doctors and experts that the world needs to know about.